Thursday, November 18, 2010

Strange post

Yes, I realise my last post was strange but I had to do it for google. I'll remove it when I can and probably remove this one as well!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Sorry, made a mistake, the flower crystals are 5 for $1 and I said they were 10 for a dollar! Whoops!
And I do have them in a few different colours, pale blue, aqua as shown in photo, mauve, red. please see my ebay listing if you are interested.

Here are a couple of layouts I did earlier this year. They don't have much on them in the way of embellishments or anything as I thought the photos just said it all.

Georgie looks like such a baby in these photos, She has grown up so much since then!

I also completed this double layout a while ago and even when I look at it now I am very happy with how it turned out. Sometimes they just fall into place so quickly. And at other times you can agonise over a layout and then when it is finished it still disappoints you!
It was fiddly to highlight the journalling with the little letters but I was happy with the result when it was finished.

And didn't I warn you that I like bright colours on my layouts? Perhaps I should warn people to put their sunglasses on before they take a look!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Here is a link to some stuff I have uploaded onto ebay.

This will take you to my listing for this amazingly gorgeous vintage trim. I am selling this for $2.50 per metre. I have a few metres but it is about 30 years old and once it is gone - it is gone!!!

If you go to this listing you can look at my others by looking on the right hand side at the top of the listing and pressing 'view seller's other items".

Then you'll be able to see this for 50c per metre.

And this - 10 X flower crystals for $1 and I have them listed in a few different colours!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Crop held last Friday night

Pauline, Kim and i had a very pleasant time last Friday evening. As I have already said to them via email, it was almost like we were here by ourselves , it was so quiet!

Adam was away for the weekend, Sam had gone to Luna Park with Youth Group, Sebastian watched his wrestling DVD's in the back room and Georgie watched telly in the front room, so it was just the three of us, beavering away in the family room, seemingly by ourselves.

At one stage Georgie came out , jumped on the computer, put the headphones on and did what she always does, brought up her favourite songs on youtube, and started singing - completely oblivious to the fact that we were sittting in the same room with her!!! She sang Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus and the girl from iCarly (I can never remember her name) until I butted in and informed her that we had had enough of her singing, beautiful though it was. Not the slightest bit offended she disappeared back into the front room and we were alone again.

This is Pauline and Kim hard at work at the kitchen table. I'm not sure how much they got done, as they were both a little flustered by the time they got here, but that's not important. What is important is that they did take the time out of their busy, busy schedules, to do something for themselves, which we so often forget to do. It is crucial for OUR sanity that we take time for ourselves, just as we insist our partners and kids do, as we run around organising and assisting them. So we ate pizza, we chatted, we laughed,  listened to Georgia sing, and we even scrapped a bit and manged to take the edge off another hectic week, even if just for a few hours! And, come to think of it, we didn't even consume any alcohol!?!? Thank you Pauline and Kim for sharing my first (of many I hope) Friday night crop with me, XXXOOO, and allowing me to put the photo on the blog. Pauline was worried about what she was going to look like in the picture but I think she just looks busy!!!

Oh, and you can just catch a glimpse of my newly recovered chairs in the photo above, under and next to Kim. I still haven't taken a good shot of them but Barbara did on her phone so I will get her to email it to me and I'll put it up on the blog.

This is the weird layout I was working on that night. I found my list of baby names in my knicker drawer a few months ago and decided that I would scrap the reasons for my children's names. I never thought that a layout with no photos could be so difficult.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hard drive disaster

Pauline, Kim and I had a lovely time at our first crop night together last Friday night. I was going to upload a post telling you all about it but my PC seemed sadly slow and out of sorts on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon the hard drive had snuffed it!

At least it warned me though - a screen appeared stating that my hard drive had a problem and to back up immediately! I found a set of disks I had bought to back up my photos on ( I purchased them months ago but of course, hadn't done it)  and started off with that when the disk popped out of the drive and told me I would need more than 10 of that type of disc and their inbuilt software wasn't designed to cope witth such a large number so that was that. I then asked Sam if he had anything I could back up my documents on as I had found a new 2 GB pendrive in my office and was going to use that but thought it may not be enough ( ha ha, who was i kidding ) and he told me that he hasd used my other pen drive but it was broken, and then he had lost it!!!!

By now I was starting to panic ever so slightly as this seemed like a horrible rerun of what had happened to me last year when my old hard drive had died and I had consequently lost TWO YEARS OF PHOTOS! As I was starting to panic I also realised that several of my ebay auctions would end in a few hours so I logged on to check out how they were going and up came the warning again and then  - a black blank screen -  a blue blank screen - and then nothing - my hard drive just shut down! AAAAGGGGGHHHHH! NOT AGAIN!

So after I had run around the house like a headless chook for about 10 minutes or so wondering what I was going to do I realised that this PC must still be under warranty so I unplugged it all on Monday morning and sent Adam off to deliver it to the computer shop next door to his office to get fixed. Adam hates doing stuff like this as his knowledge of computers would easily fit on the head of a pin with plenty of room for a pool and a pony, so I knew exactly what would happen when I rang him on Monday afternoon to check if everything was OK. He walked out of his office door, with me on the phone, into the computer store and handed the phone to Huw! Happily Huw reassured me that everything would be fine and my bigger, fatter, lovelier hard drive is back where it belongs, photos, and documents all intact - phew - and I can hear the gentle hum of my NEW portable hard drive backing up all my photo and document files as i type.

So let this be a warning to anyone who hasn't backed up their stuff for a while, that wonderful pieces of technology though they are, your hard drive IS NOT indestructible and WILL NOT last forever, so BACK UP, BACK UP and BACK UP again so those treasured memories and documents will not be lost!

I'll put up info and photos of our Friday night crop next posting!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A very productive Melbourne Cup Day

I cannot believe I have just typed half my blog post and looked up and realised there is nothing there because the keyboard USB fell out......

So I shall calmly and purposefully start again without screeching too loudly and waking up the children who are finally asleep.......

For the life of me I can't remember when I last picked the winner of the Melbourne Cup, which is what I did yesterday. I love the races and having a bet but over the years I have had less and less time to indulge myself, as well as having a husband who indulges himself to the max at this time of year (easily indulges himself enough for twenty people) so I don't really bother much anymore. I had $5 each way on the winner Americain, and what a fabulouly exciting race it was, and I cheered that horse all the way down the straight to the finish line for my $5 each way. So I did have a win yesterday, and Adam collected my winnings for me today. But it all pales into insignificance compared with what I achieved yesterday - my sister Barbara and I reupholstered my hideously, disgustingly filthy kitchen chairs!!!

Those friends that know me know that I have a large light timbered, extendable kitchen table which was originally in the dining room in this house. We bought a new dining setting several years ago and moved the large extendable table into the kitchen. The chairs have ALWAYS been horrible. they were upholstered with this urky creamy beige colour (so not me) and were always intended to be recovered but it was one of those things that never happened and they just got murkier and more and more hideously disgusting until I could bare it no longer, and now they are brilliant, in bright canvas stripes of turquoise, navy, lime and white! I will upload photos as soon as I get the chance.  And to say we reupholstered them is making it sound a grander task than it was as my kitchen chairs only have fabric on the seats so that is actually all we had to do but it still took us all afternoon to complete them all. Sam, my son, was chatting to me this morning and informed me that he thought the chairs looked fantastic but of course that they don't go with the light fittings anymore so what am I going to do about that now!!! I was so pleased that he liked them and then utterly deflated by the end of his statement when I realised that he was right and I had made a new problem for myself but at least the chairs look fabulous and amzingly, really lift the spirit of the room! I suppose this all seems very small and insignificant but to me completing anything these days is a major achievement, let alone having the motivation to get moving and do it, hence my reason for bragging about it here!

And so on Friday night, when I have some friends over for the first of many Friday crop nights I hope  - my scrapping buddies will be able to put their bottoms down on these gorgeous new seats instead of worrying about what diseases might be lurking on the old ones!!!

And today I even scotchguarded them - oh happy day!

This is Georgie dressed up for book character day at school. Thank God for chipboard letters! And yes, of course, she is Goldilocks!

It really has been such a busy, busy week. I finally had an overdue order of Glue Glider Pro Permatac cartridges arrive early in the week, contacted all my previous customers about them, and they have been going like hotcakes on ebay! My etsy shop has had more views this week than it has ever had, thanks to the facebook and blog crosslinking I think, and I've managed to upload sime extras into there as well. Lots more lace and trims and ribbons have arrived to be sorted for the shop in a box, a bag and a basket so everything seems to be just humming along. Why does all of this seem to be falling into place lately? It doesn't feel all over the place and itty bitty like it used to, it really is all coming together. Is it the blog that's helping me to sort all this out? I shall have to ponder this all a bit more I think.

And to any of my friends reading this post if you are planning on coming over on this Friday night to scrap can you please let me know by email!

And here are my gorgeous three, Sam 13, Sebastian, 10 and Georgia 7 all ready to go to the footy with their Dad a couple of months ago. Sadly, they have no taste, so they barrack for Carlton, but you can't have everything!
Do you think they are used to their mad mother photographing them all the time?