Sunday, October 23, 2011

My scrap weekend away

Here are a couple of photos of my scrap weekend away. I haven't photographed my layouts yet but will do so soon. I only did 5 layouts but I did do lots of other stuff while I was there so was actually happy with 5!
I am so glad I went as everything was getting to me in the lead up to going away and I just wasn't firing on all cylinders, if you know what I mean. I very nearly decided not to go, and in the end got there very late on Friday night. I'm so glad I did as I relaxed as soon as I got there and felt so much better. I am very fortunate to have such supportive friends when I am falling to pieces and my life would not be the same without them. Thank you my lovely scrap buddies!!!!

From left, Sue, Pauline, Julie, Marilyn, me, lee, Kim, Karen

What do we look like???
 This is us after Julie, front left, concocted a home made face mask out of secret ingredients we had to bring. We had no idea what they were for as we only knew what we had to bring, not anyone else.
I am the glamorous one (??) third from the right wearing a black and white tea towel on my head and a red and white striped shirt. I sort of look like a demented pirate!
Once we had cleaned this off Julie then slapped on the home made moisturiser. It was hilarious and certainly softend up our skin. It felt lovely afterwards but was unpleasant when I was talking (what me, talk?) as Julie was applying the face mask and it went all over my teath - yuck!!! Next time I'll remember to shut my mouth!

Scrapping dates for November, December and January

It's about time I figured out some dates for scrapping together so here is what I have come up with!

11.00am 'til late

SATURDAY 12th NOVEMBER 2011 8.30am 'til late


Let's celebrate the end of the year early as it is just too, too hard to fit it in later!!!!
Let's scrap from mid morning Friday until late into the night. (for those that aren't at work, of course)
And , if the weather is fine you are more than welcome to jump in the pool, or just dangle your feet, if you want!
And then leave your gear here and come back at 8.30am in the morning and we'll go down to the Kaisercraft outlet at Geelong in my big car, and then return to my place to scrap into the night again.
If you want to stay over I have five single kids beds available but just remember that three of them are up ladders so you'll have to get in quick for a bottom bunk!!!
Of course, if you just want to come over for the Fri or the Sat that is fine too.
Just email, ring or text me and let me know.

11.00am 'til late
I'm probably crazy but I think I will need a crop night in December to keep me sane!
So I will schedule one for myself and if you feel like joining me, rather than Christmas shopping - be my guest!!!

11.00am 'til late

8.30am 'til late
Same as the November Scrap, leave your gear here overnight, and/or sleep here if you want to, then we can head down to Kaisercraft in Geelong to pick up some post Christmas bargains, or not, it's up to you, the participants. Or just scrap on FRIDAY or SATURDAY, if that suits you better.
Just let me know if you are coming or not.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

What can you do with washi tape

Some people are so clever - follow this link to find a terrific list of brilliant things you can do with washi tape!!!

I am inspired - must BUY some more!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011


I just looked at my cluster map on my blog which shows where my blog visitors come from. I burst out laughing when I read this list. It just looked so funny to me.

Thursday, 6 October @ 6:27 : Melbourne, AU
Wednesday, 5 October @ 5:53 : Reservoir, AU
Wednesday, 5 October @ 1:45 : Saint Albans, AU
Tuesday, 4 October @ 6:17 : Brisbane, AU
Tuesday, 4 October @ 5:11 : Adelaide, AU
Tuesday, 4 October @ 5:08 : Hobart, AU
Tuesday, 4 October @ 4:32 : Riverwood, AU
Tuesday, 4 October @ 12:09 : Russian Federation, RU
Sunday, 2 October @ 10:44 : Craigieburn, AU
Saturday, 1 October @ 9:32 : Auburn, AU
Ha! Ha! It looks so ordinary until you hit the Russian Federation and then the next one is Craigieburn!!!!!
How would anyone in the Russian Federation find me????
Perhaps scrapshop in a box, a bag and a basket is a swear word in Russian????
I suggested this to Sam earlier (14 yo son) and he wanted to know how I knew this. Sometimes my humour is totally lost on my children!!!!

New Stuff and tonight

Even though nobody is coming over to scrap tonight I can't say I'm very sad about it as it is going to give me some time to get my own stuff ready for when we go away next weekend - I can't wait to get there!!!

I haven't been totally idle these school holidays! Look what I made!

I think the idea came from a post on Rockster's Scrappers Challenge list but I can't really remember. Anyway I needed to do something about going back to menu listing to ease the after school/evening chaos around here so I thought I might as well make myself something nice to write it on. This is American Crafts paper and black leathery thickers letters inside a 12 X 12 photo frame and I'll just write on them with a black whiteboard texta! I am really happy with them and one of my non scrappy friends has already asked me to make a list for her!

Oh and here is what Georgie looked like with her hundreds of chicken pox dots just on her face and these were taken when she was on the mend. I didn't take photos of when her eyelids were all swollen and she looked a lot worse, it was just too yucky!!!! And they didn't itch, they were hot and they hurt! Poor girl! They still haven't completely gone and it is two weeks since they appeared. What a way to spend the school holidays!

And , of course, I'll have to do a layout about it!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

I know I should be doing other things but....

Yes, I know I should be doing other stuff but I am a bit fed up after dealing with one girl with the chicken pox all week! Finally they are starting to fade!

Have you seen this lovely blog???

What a gorgeous card on the latest post. How simple yet how lovely!

And what about this blog???

And she is giving away a super pack of stuff as blog candy - whoo hoo!!!

And don't forget

Next scrap night at my place - (well, I haven't had one for a while!)

Friday 7th October 2011

TIME: When you get her 'til when you go home!
And here's another one of Georgie's dancing photos from 2 years ago! I can't wait to scrap these when we go away together!!!!