Thursday, November 10, 2011

blog giveaways!

I stumbled across this amazing blog and it has an amazing giveaway happening!
Have a look -

And what about this one! It also has an fantastic giveaway for her third blogaversary! You need to scroll down a little bit to get to the giveaway. Some people are just too clever!!!

And I just love the blog header on this blog. What a sweet birdie! And another blogaversary giveaway!!!!

i keep finding these awesome giveaways on gorgeous blogs this morning. Here's another one!

And this one is a lovely creative blog, by someone who must also be lovely, called SHELL. And she has a giveaway too!

And now I will stop as I'm supposed to be writing reports not blogposts!!!

XXX :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Well if I wasn't convinced it was the silly season already - I am now!

I am cancelling Friday night's crop (Fri 11th November 2011) and Saturday's crop including the trip to Geelong (Saturday 12th November 2011) due to everybody having something else on - including me!!!

So we'll just have to head down to Geelong in January instead. I'll have money to spend then anyway.

I'm sure I will see most of you at Karen's Christmas Crop anyway so i'll catch up with you then! IF you have passed these crop dates on to anybody else please make sure you let them know that this Friday and Saturday are cancelled!!! :(