Thursday, November 10, 2011

blog giveaways!

I stumbled across this amazing blog and it has an amazing giveaway happening!
Have a look -

And what about this one! It also has an fantastic giveaway for her third blogaversary! You need to scroll down a little bit to get to the giveaway. Some people are just too clever!!!

And I just love the blog header on this blog. What a sweet birdie! And another blogaversary giveaway!!!!

i keep finding these awesome giveaways on gorgeous blogs this morning. Here's another one!

And this one is a lovely creative blog, by someone who must also be lovely, called SHELL. And she has a giveaway too!

And now I will stop as I'm supposed to be writing reports not blogposts!!!

XXX :)


  1. Hi Shell, Shell here! :)

    I had to stop by and say Hi,,,,,wonder how many OTHER left handed Shell's there are in the world??? We could start a new blog, just on THAT!

    Thanks for stopping by I'm now following!
    Shell in Snohomish

  2. Aren't bloggers just the most generous people out there! Thanks so much for posting my giveaway and some of my friends too!, I put you in for the surprise as well as the bonus draws. Best of luck.
    hugs Lynn

  3. Hi Shell,
    thanks for entering and posting my giveaway.I do agree with Lynn - Bloggers are the best:)
    Good luck to you.
    Have agreat evening.