My name is Shelley and I just love blogging but seem to not blog as much as I should.

I live in Wyndham Vale in Victoria, Australia with my crazy family of what I usually say are four children but actually consists of three children and one husband! And we are definitely all a bit crazy in our own way.

This blog is all about my love for scrapbooking and all things arty, crafty and creative.

And I do have a scrap shop, hence the name of the blog, but like me, it's a bit unusual. It started with me buying a few bits and pieces extra that I thought my scrappy friends would like and carrying them around to our scrap days in a box and grew exponentially from there, until I have all sorts of stuff, in all sorts of containers and receptacles, but STILL COMPLETELY MOBILE, as I have promised myself that it will never get bigger than what I can fit in my (BIG) car!

So on this blog I hope you will find infomation, ideas, imspiration, and perhaps have a giggle as you read as I certainly have a giggle as I type!

And I certainly promise to blog more from now on but with
  • three crazy children,
Sam, nearly 15, junior football umpire, IT technician extraodinaire, movie maker , youtuber, social networker, and all round geek boy

Sebastian, 12, junior footballer, runner, all rounder when it comes to sports really, the family usually call him Bastian, he calls himself Seb, but I still call him Sigar (sounds like cigar so people think I'm weird when I call him that but  that is what his sister called him when she was a baby) skinny as a twig and needs to put a bit more meat on those bones boy

and Georgia, 9 going on 29, fashion plate, dedicated, always practising (even in the supermarket much to the other shoppers and her mother's dismay) gymnast, avid reader, all dancing and all singing girl

                                 (and yes, I made the Cambtidge Primary School Olympic Torch)
  • one crazy husband (coaching his beloved under 12A junior football side)

  • teaching art three days a week in a primary school (planning to go back full time next year?!?!?)

  • selling on ebay
  • selling on facebook on "Aussie craft and scrapbooking bargains"
  • being a Committee Member of our local junior footy club responsible for the newsletter, the website and the official club photographer
  • a house that tends to look more like a bomb site than a house
  • running another blog
  • and soon to launch another one for school
I think you can understand that this may not happen!!! Wish me luck, won't you?

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