Sunday, October 31, 2010

My bum is numb!

Oh I am not kidding! I have been in this computer chair more than I have been out of it today and with a bum my size that can't be good. I am in danger of becoming some sort of geriatric geek if I keep this up. And the only thing I have figured out for certain is that all geeks must have numb bums or very expensive computer chairs!!!!
I uploaded some extra bits to etsy today. I will figure out how to put a direct link on here at some stage, with Sam's help of course. I plan on extending the range of bits and pieces I have available through my little shop but it is all so time consuming as the washing and all that other garbage that goes with two adults and three messy kids all living in this house still has to get done. I think I need a wife, yes, that would certainly help me - or do I need a slave - oh, silly me, I forgot that they are the SAME THING!!!!
Enough of my ranting, I will upload some photos of the flowers and stuff I put up today and a few more layouts. Sam is going to help me put up one of those fancy slide shows that looks like a telly that I saw on Francine's lovely blog and then I'm sure it will be bed time on this All Hallow's Eve and if Sam scares me by putting on that stupid mask one more time I will do more than scream, I'm telling you!

                                   Click here if you want to look at these in my etsy shop!

They all got fake moustaches in the lolly bags i made up for Sebastian's 9th birthday last year. Who would have thought that such a simple thing would be so much fun - or that Bastian would put his moustache on upside down!

I love this shot of Sebastian and don't care if it is a bit blurry. He looks so peaceful and dreamy!

More of Sebastian's 9th birthday.
Hope you enjoy these,

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I have been sitting at this keyboard with Sam for about three hours and I think we are both ready to strangle each other. Nearly everything we have tried to do has not worked but it may be because Sam's abilities and mine are a poor match. He seems to be much more ambitious than I am and moving a bit fast for me. And now he has woken Sebastian up, who was sleeping soundly on the couch, by putting a piece of ice between his toes - oh the joy of little boys who are awake past any sane person's bedtime!
I am going to try to upload some photos before I go to bed but my lesson for tonight has been to try to do just one thing on this blog at a time - not 27,463!!!
This is the pinkest boy layout you will ever see!

This is the other half of it which I have tried to line up with the other side to no avail!
Sebastian and Sam are wearing Barbie's (my sister's) old nighties and some hats from the dress up basket and they have STOLEN the shoes from Lauren who used to live next door. She had a habit of leaving her high heeled shoes on her front doorstep until Sam and Sebastian discovered them. She came over one night when she was looking for a particular pair as she was going out and Sam had hidden about 8 pairs of her good shoes in the dress up box and under his  bed!

This is Georgia when she was still a Kinder girl dressed up for a special dress up day at school. Sebastian, in the following layout was in Grade 2 at the time and his lovely teacher asked Georgie to join Sebastian's grade for the special parade and she held Georgie's hand and lead her around at the head of the grade. Georgia was ecstatic! She just couldn't wait to start school! She has sadly outgrown Dora and sees her as babyish now that she is seven and a half!

How cute is he? A shame about the flare on the layout but the actual page doesn't look like this. He was trying to look like a grumpy pirate but he's just too cute I think.

Sam is in the circle, getting in on the action at one of our friend Blair's football matches!

The three kids all mucking around on the stage area underneath the big screen at Federation Square in Melbourne. The screen was blank so I put a rubon quote about family on it which suited this layout. The other half of this layout is below.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at a few of my favourite layouts.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Well, here I go!

I have always wanted to have a go at doing a blog, yet why I think all of a sudden I'm going to have extra time to do this, I don't know.

I suppose it is because I feel like I have started some sort of new venture, but I haven't really, as I have been doing it for a little while, though it all just seems to be coming together sort of now.

So if you haven't already switched away to a fancier, better structured blog that doesn't appear to have been written by a rambling lunatic, I will go ahead and introduce myself.

My name is Shelley. I live in Wyndham Vale in Victoria, Australia, and scrapbooking is one of my passions!

I have been scrapbooking for about 9 years (I didn't realise it was that long until i worked it out) and if you are a likeminded scrapbooking crazy person you will know that all that paraphenalia that goes with scrapbooking just mysteriously mutiplies and diversifies wherever you try to hide your scrapping stuff. And it also incredibly seems that the longer you do it for, that more bits and bobs appear to replace the bits and bobs that you have used! It truly is magical!

Bearing that in mind, I seem to have done a lot of scrapbook shopping in my time, mostly online, but also in retail scrapbooking stores, art supply shops, hardware stores, variety stores, $2 shops, fetes, craft fairs, markets, op shops, etc, etc, etc.

A few months ago I had a really terrific auction win on ebay and bought up a whole heap of stuff that another crazy scrapper (well maybe she had regained her sanity) was getting rid of.  Most of it was new and unused. I sorted through it all and realised there were mutliples of many of the bits and pieces, and that as I was going away on a crop weekend soon with some friends I might as well take the bits and pieces with me and see if any of the other scrappers were interested in them. I wasn't out to make a huge profit, just get my money back on them and a bit extra, so most of the items were well below retail prices although they were in as new condition. I joked to my friends at the scrapping weekend that I would show them my shop in a bag, as I had put all the things to sell in a paper gift bag and that was how all this started.

Except now I have a scrap shop in a box.......... a bag........ and a basket! See! They're all multiplying!!!

And I am also an ebay seller. I sell vintage bits and bobs, secondhand books, and (surprise, surprise) scrapbooking stuff,  including the amazing, fantastic, can't live without it, Glue Glider Pro scrapbooking gun and refill cartridges! I will put a link to ebay on this blog when my 13 year old son Sam teaches me how to do it tomorrow night.

I have also started selling on etsy (what an amazing website that it is) but I'm only taking baby steps there at the moment so I wouldn't rush over to check out my etsy shop just yet! I'll need to put a link up for that as well.

AND I have also told my scrapping friends, who are ALL as crazy as I am, that I am having 2 cropping nights at my house next month. I have said NO to that sort of thing for so long, with the excuse being that I have three small children that, lovable as they all are, will drive everyone up the wall, but you know what - I don't have three small children any more! At 13, 10 and 7 they are more than capable of occupying themselves and not bothering their frazzled mother too much while she and her buddies try to get some scrapping done. This was such a positive, uplifting revelation when I thought it all out. It's hard to describe how such a small decision could have such a huge positive impact on me but that is what happened.

A bit like this blog.......!

So on this blog I intend to

  •  tell you all about my adventures with the scrap shop in a box..... a bag..... and a basket.
  • upload photos of some of my layouts which will add a lot of colour to the blog as I love bright, bright, bright colours and bold patterns
  • link this all to ebay and etsy and facebook in this multilayered, multimedia world we now live in
  • try to stress the positive in my life rather than always criticising my many negatives
And I'm sure I could come up with many other things i would like to do with this blog but my eyes keep shutting and my head keeps hitting the keyboard - so I'll upload those photos tomorrow with Sam and..........zzzzzzzz!

Good Night everybody - ha ha, I'm assuming that someone is actually going to read this!!!!