Sunday, October 31, 2010

My bum is numb!

Oh I am not kidding! I have been in this computer chair more than I have been out of it today and with a bum my size that can't be good. I am in danger of becoming some sort of geriatric geek if I keep this up. And the only thing I have figured out for certain is that all geeks must have numb bums or very expensive computer chairs!!!!
I uploaded some extra bits to etsy today. I will figure out how to put a direct link on here at some stage, with Sam's help of course. I plan on extending the range of bits and pieces I have available through my little shop but it is all so time consuming as the washing and all that other garbage that goes with two adults and three messy kids all living in this house still has to get done. I think I need a wife, yes, that would certainly help me - or do I need a slave - oh, silly me, I forgot that they are the SAME THING!!!!
Enough of my ranting, I will upload some photos of the flowers and stuff I put up today and a few more layouts. Sam is going to help me put up one of those fancy slide shows that looks like a telly that I saw on Francine's lovely blog and then I'm sure it will be bed time on this All Hallow's Eve and if Sam scares me by putting on that stupid mask one more time I will do more than scream, I'm telling you!

                                   Click here if you want to look at these in my etsy shop!

They all got fake moustaches in the lolly bags i made up for Sebastian's 9th birthday last year. Who would have thought that such a simple thing would be so much fun - or that Bastian would put his moustache on upside down!

I love this shot of Sebastian and don't care if it is a bit blurry. He looks so peaceful and dreamy!

More of Sebastian's 9th birthday.
Hope you enjoy these,

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