Saturday, October 30, 2010


I have been sitting at this keyboard with Sam for about three hours and I think we are both ready to strangle each other. Nearly everything we have tried to do has not worked but it may be because Sam's abilities and mine are a poor match. He seems to be much more ambitious than I am and moving a bit fast for me. And now he has woken Sebastian up, who was sleeping soundly on the couch, by putting a piece of ice between his toes - oh the joy of little boys who are awake past any sane person's bedtime!
I am going to try to upload some photos before I go to bed but my lesson for tonight has been to try to do just one thing on this blog at a time - not 27,463!!!
This is the pinkest boy layout you will ever see!

This is the other half of it which I have tried to line up with the other side to no avail!
Sebastian and Sam are wearing Barbie's (my sister's) old nighties and some hats from the dress up basket and they have STOLEN the shoes from Lauren who used to live next door. She had a habit of leaving her high heeled shoes on her front doorstep until Sam and Sebastian discovered them. She came over one night when she was looking for a particular pair as she was going out and Sam had hidden about 8 pairs of her good shoes in the dress up box and under his  bed!

This is Georgia when she was still a Kinder girl dressed up for a special dress up day at school. Sebastian, in the following layout was in Grade 2 at the time and his lovely teacher asked Georgie to join Sebastian's grade for the special parade and she held Georgie's hand and lead her around at the head of the grade. Georgia was ecstatic! She just couldn't wait to start school! She has sadly outgrown Dora and sees her as babyish now that she is seven and a half!

How cute is he? A shame about the flare on the layout but the actual page doesn't look like this. He was trying to look like a grumpy pirate but he's just too cute I think.

Sam is in the circle, getting in on the action at one of our friend Blair's football matches!

The three kids all mucking around on the stage area underneath the big screen at Federation Square in Melbourne. The screen was blank so I put a rubon quote about family on it which suited this layout. The other half of this layout is below.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at a few of my favourite layouts.


  1. Fantastic, good girl, love it love it love it, by the way this is Julie

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  3. Ooops Shell and this is me Julie, that is and this is my blog if you ever want to read it

  4. Hi shelley I am pretty new to blogging as well, I think you did a great job with yours. Your layouts are great. I just followed you and would love it if you would visit me and follow me as well or leave a comment. Thanks so much

  5. Dear Francine,
    Thank you for becoming my follower. You are the first person from overseas to become a follower and the first person to become a follower whom i don't already know. thank you again for your positive comment.

  6. Good Stuff Shelley,
    Love your LO's and the stories behind them. I've been blogging for a little while and enjoy the sharing of lives involved. Come on over for a visit

  7. Thanks Deb! And I certainly will have alook at your blog seeing that you were nice enough to look at mine!