Sunday, October 23, 2011

My scrap weekend away

Here are a couple of photos of my scrap weekend away. I haven't photographed my layouts yet but will do so soon. I only did 5 layouts but I did do lots of other stuff while I was there so was actually happy with 5!
I am so glad I went as everything was getting to me in the lead up to going away and I just wasn't firing on all cylinders, if you know what I mean. I very nearly decided not to go, and in the end got there very late on Friday night. I'm so glad I did as I relaxed as soon as I got there and felt so much better. I am very fortunate to have such supportive friends when I am falling to pieces and my life would not be the same without them. Thank you my lovely scrap buddies!!!!

From left, Sue, Pauline, Julie, Marilyn, me, lee, Kim, Karen

What do we look like???
 This is us after Julie, front left, concocted a home made face mask out of secret ingredients we had to bring. We had no idea what they were for as we only knew what we had to bring, not anyone else.
I am the glamorous one (??) third from the right wearing a black and white tea towel on my head and a red and white striped shirt. I sort of look like a demented pirate!
Once we had cleaned this off Julie then slapped on the home made moisturiser. It was hilarious and certainly softend up our skin. It felt lovely afterwards but was unpleasant when I was talking (what me, talk?) as Julie was applying the face mask and it went all over my teath - yuck!!! Next time I'll remember to shut my mouth!


  1. I am so glad we ehm ehm forced you to come and didnt let you pike out because you know that you are such an important part of this group, whilst we are there for you my love, you are also there for us. We have shared laughter, tears, giggles and wet pants, piece, quiet, food, scrap ideas, the lot. I think the photo of us with the face mask on is just brilliant. How ridiculous do we look and yet how relaxing, maybe I just knew you needed a bit of ridiculousness in your life. Shelly my friend, always always be there, the void would be too great to fill if you weren't. xxxx

  2. What a super fun idea. And a great bonding experience to begin your weekend. Love it.