Friday, October 7, 2011

New Stuff and tonight

Even though nobody is coming over to scrap tonight I can't say I'm very sad about it as it is going to give me some time to get my own stuff ready for when we go away next weekend - I can't wait to get there!!!

I haven't been totally idle these school holidays! Look what I made!

I think the idea came from a post on Rockster's Scrappers Challenge list but I can't really remember. Anyway I needed to do something about going back to menu listing to ease the after school/evening chaos around here so I thought I might as well make myself something nice to write it on. This is American Crafts paper and black leathery thickers letters inside a 12 X 12 photo frame and I'll just write on them with a black whiteboard texta! I am really happy with them and one of my non scrappy friends has already asked me to make a list for her!

Oh and here is what Georgie looked like with her hundreds of chicken pox dots just on her face and these were taken when she was on the mend. I didn't take photos of when her eyelids were all swollen and she looked a lot worse, it was just too yucky!!!! And they didn't itch, they were hot and they hurt! Poor girl! They still haven't completely gone and it is two weeks since they appeared. What a way to spend the school holidays!

And , of course, I'll have to do a layout about it!!!


  1. poor little thing. I had a bad case as a child too. they are dreadful. glad to hear she is on the mend. Chicken pox are awful!