Monday, January 31, 2011

Dates for Friday Crop nights

I still haven't got around to putting up photos from the last crop. I feel like I have been riding on a rollercoaster lately. I wish it would slow down!

Here are the dates for the next lot of Friday night crops at my place. I think it is easier for me to just name the dates as I will never be able to please everybody so I might as well please myself!

Friday February 11th 2011

Friday February 25th 2011

Friday March 11th 2011

Friday March 25th 2011

Friday April 15th 2011

Friday April  29th 2011

Wish me luck as it is my first day back at work tomorrow after a yucky year. I have promised myself that I am just going to tackle things one day at a time and reflect on how I have got through it all at the end of term.

My plan is to get all my photos up by the end of this week - we'll see how that goes!!!!



  1. Good Luck Shell, I will be thinking of you and like you said just take it one day at a time

  2. Hey Shell, you are a wonderful, powerful woman, who has three beautiful, if not frustrating at times, children, one husband, ok perhaps he is expendable, but aren't we all at times? You are a wonderful teacher who has given insight to so many children in her class, just think back to the reunion and what those children/adults told you that you gave them.
    Life is hard at times, and at times like that we want to chuck it in and hide under our blanket, that I know so well, but each day in your class, think of your reunion, and reflect on the impact, change, colour, light, love, song, paint, book, fascination, change, imaginative, fantasy, idea you have given in the past, and remember that you have that to impart on the blank pages of those children who will now come into your life.
    You are a wonderful, vibrant woman, you are my friend and I love you