Saturday, September 3, 2011

New layouts and stuff

Oh, what a slack blogger I am! I will add some layouts now and try to add some tomorrow.

Life has been particularly crazy lately, full of junior football finals, footy club meetings and newsletters, broken telephones, emails, a mad shopping tour, computer breakdowns, head colds, sore throats, fevers, aches and pains, headaches, one red rashy face out of three (so it was probably 'slapped cheek'), 21st birthdays, dress up parties, a desperately needed clean out and makeover of my office, washing, washing and more washing, and I took two weeks off school on long service leave as I was utterly exhausted and the kids were all sick and at home with me and, of course,  I got  a runny nose and a headache and ended up as sick as all the others had been. I finally went back to school for a rest!

Sometimes I think my scrapbooking is the only thing holding this crazy person together.

I've uploaded some layouts, some of which I did at Fiona's last crop day which was ages ago. The layout above and below are a double page of course. The photos were taken on a crazy evening when I realised we all had our new pyjamas on. The layout is boringly simple as the colours and patterns in the pyjamas were more than enough. I was particularly pleased with the chipboard alpha which I had for ages but looked a million dollars with just some stickles added! I think stickles are my new favourite must have!

Here are my totally shy models in their pyjamas. Sebastian slapping his little bottom is hilarious!

This is a close up of the title and journalling. I found the title image on Google, printed it, cut it apart to add the extra word and added some flower stickers. I've just noticed that the word model might need a bit more adhesive under it!

More pyjama photos. yes, probably too many pages on the one event but i love these photos and wanted to scrap them. Again these were incredibly simple, quick pages but not everything has to be over the top! This is another double layout with the one below. The fancy scalloped frame is made from border stickers cut to the right length! And I love using up odd letters in titles like this.

Georgia's 7th birthday party in 2010. She had it at the local ice skating rink which is really weird as it is not ice at all but some sort of white waxy surface- how bizarre, must be cheaper than maintaining real ice! Georgia certainly didn't care. I numbered the photos to make sure viewers looked at them in the correct order.  I was amazed that I had caught her intake of breath and then the blow itself - too cute! These photos of the double layout don't really do it  justice as all the pictures were mounted on different pastel coloured glitter paper. which gives it a much more festive, girly birthdayish effect.

Oh, I don't think I'll tell Georgie I put this single layout in. This was taken on the pyjama model night and something didn't go her way so she was having a typical Georgie tantrum, with few tears and lot's of noise. Her tantrums were never indulged, believe me, but although they are much less frequent NOW SHE IS 8, they still happen occassionally - hence the large number in the title!

Another double layout of Georgia's 7th birthday party. There were swirly white lines on the mauve paper in the middle so when I mounted it and the photos on the darker purple it all looked a bit too blank so I used a white gel pen to draw more white swirls on the dark purple cardstock. All the title letters are glittery but again you can't see it.

What a funny evening this turned out to be below. We were sitting out the back on a sunny evening last summer, having a BBQ and Georgia and Sebastian were skipping with Adam's skipping rope. Yes, Adam has a skipping rope since he started going to the boxing gym! Funny thing is though, as i pointed out to my sister and brother in law who were there for tea, Adam can't skip! Well, that's not quite true. He can skip now but he absolutely COULD NOT SKIP then and it was truly hilarious to watch his uncoordinated attempts! How on earth did he grow up having never jumped with a skipping rope!!! There are several photos of Adam which are layered in little flip pockets (well long ones actuaslly that I snipped down to the right size) in the top left hand corner. Does anyone know where you can buy these flip photo thingys as I've had these for ages, have only got a couple left, and I can't find them anywhere? They have a pink strip on them which you peel off to expose the adhesive. You can see it clearly in the photo below. I really want to get some more of these so any help would be appreciated. I have looked on ebay with no luck.

A double layout of bald, bald Georgie watching her favourite television show, "Play School" when she was about two. She is sitting on a stool right up close to the huge screen as her vision is very poor and she really needs to sit this close. She looked so cute swinging her little feet in time to the music as she sang along I had to take photos of them. There were many, many times I was so glad that it was time for "Play School " to come on for half an hour's peace and quiet!

Double layout of new shoes that Georgia got for her 7th birthday. I only tossed them out recently as she wore them nearly every day until they fell to pieces!

Georgia also got a Hannah Montana dress up outfit for her 7th birthday - hence the title! Shy isn't she!
Again, the floral orange strips behind the photos are glittery and you can't see it.  The pink Hannah Montana tag, which doesn't really blend in with the layout because of it's colour, came off the packaging that the outfit was in.

Georgia got her ears pierced for her birthday and the other side of the double layout shows the necklace I bought for her on etsy. It is a lovely g from a typewriter and I let her go when she ran around telling everyone that the letter came from a WRITETYPER, as, of course, Miss Georgie doesn't know what a typewriter is!!! Used up oot's of number sevens from my stash too!

Sebastian was home from school feeling unwell, one day last year, and as usual, I found him playing with his beloved wrestlers.  No boy has ever played with his as much as Sebastian plays with his, every day and every chance he gets! I stuck the boy chipboard shape on and realised I had lost it's head. It looked odd without it so it was very lucky I have such a humungous button collection and just used up one as a head on this layout. It looks perfect!!!

Adam in our pool with Georgia and Sebastian and two of Sebastian's mates from school. We just love our pool!

I will load up some dates for crop nights at my house as soon as i get my act together to think sbout when they will be.
Hopefully it won't be so long between posts again. Didn't I say that last time???

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