Monday, April 2, 2012

Brads, brads, brads!

Well overdue for a new post. Life is full of upheavals at the moment but trying to stay sane while 3 twelve year old boys screech at the Wrestling on the telly! Yes, it is the school holidays!!!


Did you know I love brads???? Perhaps the photos below will show you how much!!!

I had to figure out a better way to utilise them as keeping them in packets meant I usually forgot all about them. And putting them in those multi sectioned boxes still meant they were too hidden away.
So I came up with the idea of using a corkboard which I saw cheap at the local hardware store. Well it's a cheap canite board really rather than real cork.
 I started off with one board - no really, I did!
And then I came up with the idea that if I sold some of the brads to my friends it would enable me to buy a few more.
And so I had to buy another board -

and another.....

and another.....

I currently have FIVE boards.
I have only shown you three - I didn't want you to think I was too obsessed!!!!

The positives about this system for me is that I do use my brads. They go on virtually every layout and every off the page item I make. It also makes them really easy to see and store and transport when I am going away to crop days/weekends. Because they are so easy to see I am able to mix and match them easily and never worry about using perfectly matched brads on anything! I sell them individually to my buyers so they never have to worry about storing large amounts of brads and can find the perfect brad/s to go on a layout while we are cropping away! You can get canite/cork boards in all sorts of sizes so you don't have to buy big ones like mine. Several of my customers have bought cork boards for themselves and use them as their own brad storage system. You can get a large one to put all your brads on or use small ones and have a different colour for each little board. Place your brad board on an easel stand and you have an ever changing multicoloured piece of living art in your scrap room!

The negatives of this system - I need another board!!!
I currently have about 40 packets of brads waiting to be put on display!!!

I love brads!!!



  1. What a great idea!! Love it!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment. it is wonderful to know there are people out there reading my blog. The immediate nature and feeeling of intimacy between people so physically far away still thrills me about blogging and the net in general.

  2. awesome idea! great way to keep them out where you will see them. I always forget to use mine too unless a recipe layout calls for them or I know I have a particular themed one.

  3. Dear Paula,
    Whatever theme you can think of - I bet I would have a brad for you!!! Thanks so much for commenting.

  4. What a clever idea! I never think of using anything that isn't right under my nose, like my brads in little containers in big drawers.

    1. That's the problem right there - tucked away it is so easy to forget them. Mine are now very difficult to overlook!!!
      Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I really appreciate it.