Thursday, October 4, 2012

New OLD layouts

Here are some layouts that I haven't put on the blog before.
Well, I hope I haven't put them on the blog before - LOL!

The 'Let's dance' chipboard title was just covered in Stickles - I love Stickles!

 Below is the left, above is the right of this double layout.

 Double layout of above is below and yes I did cut a large photo to go across the layout like that. I did laugh when I came up with the title as Georgie did look so cute in her costume. It had a genie lamp on the front of the shirt and those cute short harem pants which were all over the place for the single photo with her arms out above! I do feel a bit sad that she is not dancing any more but gymnastics just took over and is her passion!!!
 Above, this is a letter I decorated ages ago covered in words that described the person. You will see them better if you click on the photo to enlarge it. This was my first attempt at decorating a letter.
Below is a group of us away on a crop weekend years ago, being silly as usual!
Above is the left and right of a double layout of Sebastian after he had his face painted. It didn't need any thing other than the title and the paw prints!
 This is the right above and the left below of a double layout of Adam and the kids walking across Federation Square in Melbourne. We had been at the Game On exhibition with lots of hands on games to play including that bizarre tennis game everyone used to play on their televisions with just lines for bats and a white line for the net - what were we thinking back then - we thought we were so cool and switched on!!!
i didn't touch the plain chipboard word 'together' above as the grungy grey of it suited the layout - now that will never happen again!

I covered the big chipboard tag below with some old CM design lines stickers I had that were silver and blue as they matched all the paving lines and lines on the buildings. There are lots of Melbournians that still hate Fed square, as the design is a bit out there,  but I just love it.
Oh, and I did remember to keep the tickets and put them on the page below w2hich is something I usually never do!

Below are the left and right of an old beach layout. Georgie is such a baby!

Below, walking across Princes Park to the Carlton Footy Club Family Day. This paper didn't need embellishments as it said it all! 
Sam was just big enough to have a go at the climbing wall which are the four pages below this one. And as you can see he did make it to the top! He is now, at fifteen, as tall as me! I remember being very happy about some spare chipboard scraps I found which fit under the brads beautifully to make the climbing hand holds on the last of the four pages.

 Above is the left and right of another Carlton Football Club family day layout. This is so old Fev is still at Carlton! And I suppose he thought his hat looked cool!

 This is, above, another right and left of the same day. Georgie has had enough of the photo shoot at this stage of the day!!!

 Georgie in her creche photo from long ago!

 The above is half a double layout from when Georgia and Sebastian had a dress up day at school. Georgia wasn't even at school yet but joined in with Sebastian's grade! I have already put the single layouts up on the blog ages ago with Georgie dressed as Dora and Sebastian as a pirate.

 Of course I used to put headbands and stuff on her when she had hardly any hair. I couldn't wait for it to grow. She looks sweet in this little outfit though! Again, my favourite stickles on the title letter!

 They are all pretty plain layouts when I look at them as a group but sometimes I feel they don't need much for them to look finished.
Enjoy and please leave a comment!


  1. Great layouts with some wonderful photos!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I really appreciate it.

  2. Wow!! Lots and lots of layouts to inspire me to get some scrapbooking done!! Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment. I really appreciate it. It's great to know that someone as far away as Hawaii can enjoy my blog!

  4. Wow just can't take my eyes out of this.
    Really its too beautiful.Would like to see more of your creativity.

    You have a great blog...will be visiting often.Keep blogging :)

    I am hosting an event...if you are interested in painting or drawing do check it out.
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