Saturday, April 9, 2011


I have been the laziest blogger in the whole wide world and I apologise to you all. It is only when I sit down to do this that I remember how easy it is and how much I actually enjoy it. Why can't I make this a priority??? A bit like scrapbooking I suppose. I laughed when I looked in my book at the last layout I did - it was so long ago!

However I have been organising the bits and pieces for my little scrap shop in a box, a bag and a basket!!! I have lots and lots and lots of new goodies that have come in, including lots of new paper so I'm thinking there might be a bit of a paper sale at my next crop night - hmmm!?!?!?!

And the next crop night is

Friday April 15th 2011
(which will be followed by a crop day at Karen's on the 16th, woo hoo!)

Friday April  29th 2011

Friday May 13th 2011
(which will be the week before Karen's weekend away, perhaps a good night to pack page kits to take away)

Friday May  27th 2011
(which will be the weekend after Karen's weekend away)

Friday June  10th 2011

Friday June  24th 2011

So there are now a few new dates to put in your diary!


I was looking at another blog the other day, and, of course, I can't remember which one, but they said something quite profound about how we are all inspired by each other and that is one of the reasons why we like to scrapbook together. For me this is so true, I find all the blogs and websites I cruise around inspiring, but much more than all of them put together I find the friends that I scrap with incredibly inspiring. You are all so creatively different, and produce such different, individual layouts you couldn't fail to be moved by some of the wonderful journalling, cheeky titles, amazing colour combinations, clever shortcuts, etc, etc, etc that you use in your creative endeavours. I think it was quite amazing when Karen gave us each a couple of photos of us at one of our crop weekends away and gradually I think we have all scrapped these same photos and the layouts are all beautiful yet unbelievably different - truly inspiring - thank you my friends!!!

I've been trying to upload some photos of us scrapping together and for some unknown reason it is not working so I will upload this anyway and stick on some photos later.

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