Saturday, May 7, 2011

CROP night next Friday and layouts

Just a reminder that there will be a crop night at my place on
 Friday 13th  (WHOOOOOOOO!) May 2011
 starting whenever you get here and ending whenever you leave.

This could be a good chance for you to buy up some of my new goodies as some of the boxes and baskets are looking like they want to explode - and I am expecting new stock this week as well!

This is just one week before we all go away on Karen's fabulous weekend so it could be a good night to sort out page kits or basically just get yourself organised to go.

Here are some layouts that I did ages and ages ago but I have just found the photos of them and thought I would share them on the blog.
I know some of these photos are a bit blurry but I think you can still figure out the layout structure.

These first few layouts are of a Christmas exhibition 'Santa's Kingdom', that was in Melbourne in Dec 2004. It was incredibly overpriced but Sam and Bastian were young enough to enjoy the prettiness of it, although Sebastian was always totally traumatised by Father Christmas as it explains in the journalling. I had this hideously dingy green cardstock which I thought I would never use but it was the exact shade of green in the grove of Christmas trees as it was so dark in there. The fake snow falling in there, hey, it was December in Melbourne, was very atmospheric.

Another explanation, on this double layout, as to why Sebastian is not on Father Christmas' knee. Basically because he went hysterical when told we would go through the door to see Father Christmas and start our magical journey to Santa's Kingdom. The stupid penguin then came over to gesticulate (he was silent) at Sebastian, and made him 10 times worse. I was then ushered through a staff doorway carrying a tiny berserk boy, to bypass Father Christmas before he traumatised all the other children waiting behind us in the queue! Oh Christmas is a happy time isn't it?!?!?!?

I love buttons and they were perfect for this double layout! Fake snowballs to throw and a giant slide - Sam had a ball. My fancy striped letrters, to match the elves stripey shirts, and use something other than white, were created with white letters and a red texta!

Sam the Karaoke King! He will die from embarrassment when he sees this layout on the blog.  He has grown so much lately, which I think explains why he is sleeping so much these days, he is now past my chin. I pointed this out to Sam this evening and Sebastian then measured himself against me and was disappointed that he is still only at my boobs!!!

I can't remember where these strings of lights came from but I did like them.

This dreadful layout is here to remind me of how much I HATE bling words or should I say that bling words HATE me?!?!?
This was the first time I had ever used one so I stupidly pulled the whole word off the backing sheet at once and within a nanosecond it had collapsed in on itself and looked like a rolled up ball of sticky tape with green and red jewels through it. I was at a crop night that MY BEST FRIEND KIM happened to be working at so I bellowed for help. She soon came running but as soon as she saw what I had done she told me to unravel it (!) and ran to the other side of the room and hurriedly helped other people, even those that didn't need her assistance, so she didn't have to help me! A sane person would have thrown it in the bin but I sat there for an hour and unravelled it and placed it on a layout that I now loathe with a passion!

As it says on the layout - why did I take such dreadful photos? Now I look at them and wonder why I even scrapped them???? I loved the way these cheap stickers looked though. They were silver, blue and white and looked a million dollars once they were on the layout. Plus I never thought I would be using so many snowflake stickers in my life!

A double layout I love of Sam Sebastian and Georgia, with cousins Jackson and Kathryn eating icy poles in a cool bath on a really hot January day. Kathryn is now 18, Jackson and Sam are 131/2, Sebastian is nearly 11 and Georgie thasnkfully now has hair, lots of it, and is 8! And , of course, the e in icypoles fell off the title, the moment that I took the photo!

This double layout is back at Santa's Kingdom. It doesn't matter that most of the photos are blurry(Adam took them not me) as they just reflect the movement anyway. I put rubon words and flourishes on all the arrows and the bright background paer reminded me of all the sparkly lights at the venue. And that big blurry blob in the teacup with the children is me! I love the absolute joy on Sam's face!!!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these old, old layouts and I'll add some more stuff when i blog again soon!!!!! Please leave a comment!

And for those coming over to scrap on friday night - I will see you then!


  1. Great blog Shelley and I do enjoy seeing your layouts added to it, well done and hope to see more of your scrapping layouts this way...I will get over there one Friday and what goodies to you have....

  2. Fun blog... love the layouts..