Saturday, September 15, 2012


I must admit I have promised to spend more time on this blog and have automatically reverted to almost ignoring it again by uploading more stuff onto the facebook page, Aussie Craft and Scrapbooking Bargains. I think the link below will work and then you go to albums and my album, Shelley Menhennet's Album, is there on the list. But don't restrict yourself and just buy from me. The bargains to be had on this site are many and varied, and membership is growing every day! It is an amazing facebook page/little community!

Uploading stuff onto the facebook page is often crazy and can take up lots of time, especially when the page is busy but once the photos and details are up there then maintaining the album is quite easy. So today I have had scrapping stuff everywhere on, around and under my desk, have had an ebay buyer from the other side of Melbourne message me and then do a home visit as she was on her way to a party in Geelong, to buy some cartridges for her glue gun, have tried to assist the kids as they clean and tidy those spaces that are supposedly their bedrooms, went down to the shops to pick up presents for Adam to hand out at our Junior Football club Presentation day tomorrow as well as a bit of other shopping, washed, dried and sorted a MOUNTAIN of laundry, and watched from my seat at the computer as my lovely husband Adam, well he is lovely sometimes, gave the kitchen a decent clean up!  He even sorted out the overflowing saucepan drawer with some help from gorgeous Georgie! And I could sit and watch them as my computer desk is just on the other side of the kitchen bench where it becomes the family room!Thank you to Addie and his Sweet Pea!!! 

And I wonder why I haven't got time to do much blogging!!!!


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