Sunday, September 16, 2012


Just had a look at my cluster map, which is on my sidebar, as it fascinates me as to how far and wide the people are who look at my blog.

There was a tiny yellow dot, which means a recent visitor, way out in the Pacific Ocean! ( boy I hope I've got the ocean right or it will be a bit embarrassing!)

Hellooooooo out there! 

Are you scrapbooking on a cruise ship? 
Or sailing on a yacht?

Or marooned on a tiny island with only you, your scrapping supplies and the internet???? (Oh, I Wish!)
 Or are you a secret scrapbooking submariner?????? Now I love a weekend crop away myself and I'll go anywhere to get away but even that is a bit extreme for me!
Well WHOEVER you are, and WHERE EVER you are I am so glad you visited my blog, even if you got here by mistake, and I would love it if you left a comment or became a follower!!! 
Happy Scrapping,

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