Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Too long between posts!

Oh, it's just been too long between posts! But, in my defense I did write up a blog post, added photos and all, only to find after I had previewed it, that it disappeared off into cyberspace and was never to be seen again!?!?!?! Where do those things lost in cyberspace go - perhaps to the same place where all the odd socks go?!?!?!

Another crop night at my place has come and gone. I have dates for January which I will list below. A few more scrappers were supposed to be with us that night but as often happens, things just didn't work out, so it was just Robyn, Pauline, Barbara and I. We had  a good time anyway, even though the children were noisier than I would have liked them to be. So they, and their Dad, have had a lecture about their behaviour and noise level for next time. I'm sure it will go back to being as quiet as it was on the first crop night!!!

Pauline and Robyn hard at work!

  Barbara cutting stuff on my cricut machine!

And finally, a photo of my chairs I reupholstered, with Barbara's help, on Melbourne Cup Day!

I was very excited early on this Friday evening crop night as Sam was fiddling around on the net and found my blog listing on Google! I must admit I did a dance around the kitchen with excitement as I didn't expect to be listed quite as soon as this. And, it wasn't actually a really easy search. I think he had to enter ALL the words in the blog title before it popped up. But I don't care. This was my 15 NANOSECONDS of fame and I revelled in it!!! 

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