Friday, December 3, 2010

 Sebastian and Georgia in the pool with one of their wonderful swimming teachers, Natasha. Georgie looks so little!

 I have just now realised that I forgot to stick the journalling on this one - whoops!

I love putting rubons on photos - they always look great!

Cut these letters on the cricut and was really pleased with them. I can't remember where I got the big footy diecut shape from but I wish I could! I love the grass paper too but I can't remember where it came from either. I always need footy stuff so if you ever see any around please let me know.

Sebastian and his best mate at footy Zak. They both look so much older now.

 My boys at jumper presentation for season 2009.

 Without the magical cropping of digital photos mine would look so ordinary. Cropping is particularly great for turning an ordinary sports photo with bare patches of grass and out of focus moving players, into a terrific photo by chopping all the dull stuff off. And I couldn't survive without my all important delete button to get rid of the evidence of all the dud photos I take! It's these little moments in time that I will treasure forever as although Sam wanted to keep playing his extremely poor eyesight meant that continuing to play as the boys all got bigger and the game got more physical was just out of the question.
Photos and layouts like these will help to remind Sam of all the fun he had, the skills he developed, to his credit to a much higher standard that I ever thought he would, the friends he made, and that every now and then he would do everything right, and be in the right spot on the ground at the right time, to look like a champion!!! Good on you Sam!

Sam is now continuing his role at our fabulous footy club - Werribee Centrals Junior Football Club, by being a timekeeper at all the matches his Dad coaches and his younger brother plays in, and helping his Mum with the club emails and club website!!! Which I haven't actually started looking after yet but it is on my very long to do list before footy season starts again! Phew!

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