Saturday, December 11, 2010

Plan for today

My plan for today is to try and get all my teacher presents done! A big plan but I'm going to try.
I have never left it so late to get them done before. If I do get them finished I will photograph them and upload them on here.
There is so much stuff to be done around here that my head is in a whirl. The Christmas rush has well and truly started but I refuse to let myself stress out about it this year - I absolutely refuse!

Here are a few more layouts for you to look at while I go and start those teacher pressies.

I had this hideous green paper with a white border I had got from who knows where and was going to toss it when I realised it would be perfect for one of the squillions of footy layouts I seem to do. The bouncing footy lines are pen of course, not stitching!

These are my fabulous scrapping buddies on one of our weekends away. The font and frames are from the Hannah Montana cricut cartridge. I was really pleased with how this double layout turned out!

The coach isn't a weirdo trying to kiss Sebastian because it is his DAD! I like how the title turned out even though I used lots of different lettering it still seems to work.

The Easter Bunny must have a very big pouch as he always leaves such interesting pressies behind for us!

Thanks for looking.Please leave a comment so I know there is someone out there!!!


  1. We're out here Shell - I'm a bit behind, as I mentioned my computer died - so I've been off line for a couple of weeks waiting for the new one to arrive... But now I have a shiny new Mac to catch up on everyone's adventures ( and finally get some of mine documented perhaps!!)

  2. Dear Kes, I know that being without a 'puter can be almost unbearable and that's an awful statement in intself I suppose. I look forward to reading your adventures produced via your new Mac and I'm very glad to know you are out there!!!